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Discussion in ' General Freemasonry Discussion ' started by rhitlandJun 7, Log in or Sign up. I will be presenting this paper at my last stated meeting as Master of It was one of the best and hardest years of my life. Last edited by a moderator: Jun 8, Very wise words! Great message worshipful brother. HghDnstyJun 7, Great paper. BeathardJun 8, Promoted to front page.

Blake BowdenJun 8, Thank you. I am honored. Didn't know ol' Puss Boy had it in him! Bill LinsJun 8, This is a great article. I mentioned this site at our stated meeting on Tuesday.

I have thought of recommending that we print out alot of these articles and have them available for people to take home and read. Very good closing.

A job well done. I may be a little biased Rhit is my Worshipful Masterhowever the brothers of FW have been lucky to have him as our Worshipful Master. His knowledge and support through this year has been great! He has certainly led a number of us to be better men and inspire to improve ourselves in Masonry always encouraging and obviously eloquent in his writings.

NightwolfeJun 18, Bill LinsJun 18, How much more do you think it would take to make the door unusable Thanks Gary but without masons like you I was dead in my tracks this last year. Brother Bill do not worry about my head it has along way to go before it gets back to size. I had many many gut checks this year that deflated all I had in my head. I am eating allot of bologna to refill it though! Rhit, you have had a tough year. You have risen to the occasion and set an example of the truth in the old saying "It isn't how many times you get knocked down, it is how many times you get up".

The Lodge should be proud of what you were able to do and was fortunate to have you as the glue to hold it together in a rocky year. You demonstrated you had the where-with-all to stand the test. You should take comfort in the continuance of the work despite it all.

Masonic Toasts

Appreciate you Brother! JBDJun 20, I am so very greatful for how this year forged my character, it is an experience I could only have gotten in Freemasonry. Now back to work.Posted by admin on February 10th, Categorized as Miscellaneous. I will certainly cherish these not because I feel that I deserve them but because these came from you, my brethren.

These are tangible testaments that once in my life I had assumed leadership in a lodge of gentlemen and champions, and certainly, I will not forget this chapter in my Masonic journey.

The fact that VW Asiong Illenberger, my humble uncle, a retired marine general and one of 4 Master masons in our family was the one who presented these to me, all the more, added color to the presentation. Thank you very much VW Asiong for this honor.

I hope that you are as proud of me tonight as I am of you especially since I joined masonry. To my wardens, thank you for all your support, for standing behind me and for being my constant companions… I would not have done it without you!

Ang secretary po ang may pinakamaraming trabaho sa lohiya. Bago ka maupo as JW it is imperative in our lodge that you a tour of duty as secretary. So To my lodge secretary, Kuya Dennis Lim who cannot join us today and would have been our JW if not for that unfortunate accident…Thank you for all the hardwork.

Sia ang aking laging sidekick sa pagplano ng lahat and my confidant. Salamat sa tiwala at magpagaling ka kuya.

outgoing worshipful master speech

Alam kong hindi ka pababayaan ni WM at ng lodge sa iyong hinaharap ngayong pagsubok. To our JW Dhong Bahena, tol natapos rin natin ang malaking problema ng lohiya. Finally, Closed chapter and we can all breath easy. I am glad you are now where you are jan sa south because I know you are a performer brod. Look well in the south. Thank you for helping me VW sir kahit minsan di tayo tugma ng mga opinion.

I very much appreciate it batch. And to Kuya vic thank you for being with me in spirit.

outgoing worshipful master speech

I know you are. I look forward to the day when it will also be your turn to sit in the east. Hurry back batch. Never let it fade in obscurity or wallow in mediocrity. As all past masters have done, who have gone this way before. Goodluck kuya look well in the east. Allow me also to say thank you to my wife, ateng Rosell. All of these will not be possible without her love and understanding. Thank you for this time you have given to serve my lodge. It is your most precious gift.

This term, we are fortunate to have raised 4 brothers to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. Welcome to the craft my brothers and thank you for your support.We are now approaching the holiday season where we typically enjoy several year-end parties.

outgoing worshipful master speech

For many Grand jurisdictions, it marks the end of the Masonic Year, and the birth of a new one. Knowing the festive atmosphere of such occasions I posted a request on the Internet soliciting favorite Masonic toasts.

As usual, the Brethren responded generously. Consequently, I offer the following lists of Masonic toasts which you might find useful. Thanks to all of the Brothers for their contributions. Be sure to read the comments for more toasts, or to add your own to this festive collection.

Note: Not so much a toast, but a Grace, which may only appeal to the Scottish who support a particular football team. Origin unknown. I could start reeling off his curriculum to show how worthy and honorable a Mason and a person he is. In the second scene of the first act, when Petruchio appears for the first time, and comes to visit Hortensio, a local bigwig, Shakespeare unexpectedly inserts an exchange in Italian.

Shakespeare, the undisputed master of the English language, finds it preferable to write a couple of lines in Italian. Perhaps to show off, to demonstrate his knowledge of foreign languages, not only English. Petruccio speaks: Signor Hortensio, come you to part the fray con tutto il cuore, ben trovato, may I say. And Hortensio replies: Alla nostra casa ben venutto, molto honorato signor mio Petruchio. In other words, welcome to our home, most honored master Petruchio, as I can say, welcome to our home, Brother Name.

Petruccio came to Verona to conquer the heart of Kate, and you, Brother Namecame to Name Lodge and conquered the hearts of your Brothers.

Author comment: I do not know of any special toasts but I have often felt the need for a collection of Masonic honors which go with the toasts, such as this one for Lodge Irrigation:. Down the channel and over the wheel with suitable gesturesflow back to Irrigation three times, hand and foot etc. Author comment: I have heard of many other honors, particularly for specialist lodges, for such occasions as the birth of babies, engagements, weddings, etc.

This, in Latin, is the motto of Caliburn Lodge. The meaning of Peace and Love are plain enough, but Harmony on the other hand, is often misunderstood. Imagine a world where everyone is always in agreement with each other. Can you? Of course not!It is reprinted here for your enjoyment. His humor and wit were often used to disarm adversaries, make light of a troubling moment and provide advice and direction in times when it was needed most. One of my favorite Franklin quotes is certainly:.

On the evening of my initiation into our Brotherhood, I was full of anxiety and uneasiness. Those of you that know what a Candidate faces in the minutes before their first step into this Great Lodge know how that phrase would come back to haunt you.

But our first steps along this journey are met blindfolded, full of mystery and with only the companionship of an unknown Brother to guide our way, guard against dangers and tell us what to say and do. A mentor was assigned to help my next steps.

My many questions were answered. I was taught the meaning of symbols, words and actions experienced. As I quickly learned, this Brotherhood is based on reliance of one another, where each man is critical to the growth and success of every other.

As I made the final steps toward become a Master Mason, the things I first experienced passively, then later taught the meaning of, were remembered and the pieces began to fall into place. The Hidden Mysteries of this Great Organization began to fit like stones in a wall.

Once a Master Mason, I took a step that many of us do not. I became active in our Lodge and the many other affiliated organizations. With the encouragement of others, I learned parts in our Degrees, sat in chairs of office, took part in acts of Fellowship, voiced my opinions and offered leadership where needed. Masonry has many meanings and purposes to our Brothers. For some, the simple experience of becoming a Mason and counted as an accepted member of this honorable organization is the capstone of their desire.

Still others take pleasure in teaching the history, meaning and purpose of our Great Organization to those that seek further Light. And for some Brothers, involvement — to whatever degree — gives them pleasure. Certainly Masonry has many meanings, many purposes for all of us. The occasion for fraternity and Brotherly love. A chance to be charitable to the needy.

The opportunity to improve the life of another. In this coming year, let us guide those who desire admission, serving as a faithful and trusted Companion. Let us teach those willing to learn, so that they might do the same for another.The Masonic Trowel.

List of Contributors. Robinson, PM. My heartfelt thanks to the contributors whose insights made this article much easier to write, and much more complete than it otherwise would have been. The shortcomings, omissions, and errors, are mine. Serving your Lodge as Worshipful Master can be, and should be, a high point in your Masonic career. Few other secular events in my life has meant as much to me as the privilege of serving, inas Worshipful Master of Jackson Lodge Yet, for many who have served as Worshipful Master, that year In the East was a trying and frustrating experience.

This article aims at providing a brief overview of some considerations that hopefully will help you in your upcoming tour of duty In the East in your Masonic Lodge. Included are suggestions, both mine, and those of seventeen 17 other Past Masters, who responded to my request on the Internet Freemasonry List for input, on helping an incoming Worshipful Master both enjoy his year In the East, and perform creditable service to his Lodge in the position of Worshipful Master.

I wanted input on this topic, aside from my own ideas, for a very compelling reason, perhaps best illustrated by:. The Blind Men and the Elephant It was six men of Indostan To learning much inclined, Who went to see the elephant Though all of them were blindThat each by observation Might satisfy his mind.

The First approached the elephant, And, happening to fall Against his broad and sturdy side, At once began to bawl: "God bless me!

To me 'tis mighty clear This wonder of an elephant Is very like a spear! The Third approached the animal, And, happening to take The squirming trunk within his hands, Thus boldly up and spake: "I see," quoth he, "The elephant Is very like a snake! The Fourth reached out his eager hand, And felt about the knee: "What most this wondrous beast is like Is mighty plain," quoth he; "'Tis clear enough the elephant Is very like a tree!

The Sixth no sooner had begun About the beast to grope, Than, seizing on the swinging tail That fell within his scope, "I see," quoth he, "The elephant Is very like a rope!

And so these men of Indostan Disputed loud and long, Each in his own opinion Exceeding swift and strong, Though each was partly in the right, And all were in the wrong!

So, oft in theologic wars The disputants, I ween Rail on in utter ignorance Of what each other mean, And prate about an elephant Not one of them has seen! Obtaining or following ideas from only one Past Master, or other source, limits and narrows your focus, and leaves you lacking the broad perspective that the position of Worshipful Master demands.The Masonic Trowel. List of Contributors. Bruce P.

Thank you very much Most Worshipful Brother Lusk for your kind introduction. You kept it reasonably short and I will see to it that the penalty is not inflicted. That is a little bit of a private joke. Brethren, I certainly consider it an honour and a privilege to have been invited here tonight to talk to this august body, to this very important conference perhaps one of the most important conferences for Freemasonry in our great country and I thank you very much for the very kind invitation.

Brethren during the past several years, both in my profession and in Freemasonry I have had the opportunity of listening to many outstanding, inspirational, and dynamic, speakers. But there is one who has had a most significant impact on my life. I talk about a Freemason, I talk about a man of the cloth, the man of positive thinking, the late Dr.

Norman Vincent Peale who passed away very quietly on Christmas Eve He had a very strong impact on my life. It had always been my dream that I could bring Dr. Peale to Calgary. We almost made it; but unfortunately he's now in the Grand Lodge above and he certainly will have an impact wherever he is. Now Brethren, I don't pretend to think that I am going to have the same impact on your lives as he had upon mine.

But if I can get one person here tonight to reflect about and act upon what I might say then I will not have laboured in vain or spent my strength for naught. It is loyalty, it's energy, it's attitude, a positive attitude, it's dynamic, it's enthusiasm, risk-taking, it's strategy, honesty, it's inspiration and it's prestige.

Certainly if you pull all those words together you will come up with the word leadership. Granted that is an acronym, which kind of reminds me of a little story about the guest speaker. There were two gentlemen sitting beside him discussing the speech. One said "well I'm certainly pleased he wasn't a graduate of the Ryerson Institute of Science and Technology and the other one said yes, he was certainly full of sincerity, honesty, integrity and trust; wasn't he.

A Handbook for the Worshipful Master

Brethren, I submit to you tonight that never before in the history of mankind has there been a greater need for leadership. Never before in the history of churches, of schools, of service clubs has there been a greater need for leadership. A few years ago a University of Michigan researcher, did studies in terms of the greatest fears and the greatest problems in society. He had ten of them but let me just mention the first three.

The first one was the fear of a nuclear war. Now granted, with the reduction in world tension, the nuclear war fear is somewhat subsided, but I was listening to a radio broadcast last night and it was mentioned that the fear is still present.

outgoing worshipful master speech

The second problem or the second fear was that of a world wide famine and as we see the problems in the third world countries, that fear is still present. But the third fear or problem that was recognized by this researcher was the lack of leadership in today's society.

If I was to ask each one of you here tonight to identify the greatest leaders of our times what names would you come up with.

Interested in Freemasonry?

Think about it. If we surveyed the literature on leadership we will probably identify 3,4, or 5; Sir Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Mahatma Gandhi; two of those of course were Freemasons; Schweitzer, Einstein, and some of the literature even states the late John F.

Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King who were both slain in their prime, may have made their mark on leadership. It really is a sad commentary in this world that we can only identify 5 or 6 great leaders. I also submit Brethren, that never before in the history of Freemasonry has there been a greater need for effective, dynamic, prestigious leadership; particularly at a time when we have Freemasons staying away in droves from our Lodge meetings.Tweet Follow PietreStones.

If so then this is the right place for you! ADD your Joke. A mason who had just been installed as Master of his lodge and was duly attending all the functions he could was having a hard time with his wife who said I wish I was a master!

Hartington Lodge No. The hangman puts the noose around his neck. The victim says: "I really can't understand this! The policeman who cought me was a Mason, the persecutor was a Mason, the judge was a Mason and you're bloody Junior Deacon in my Lodge!

Several people in the bank and outside saw him well enough to indentify him as he rode out of town. A possee was formed and in short order had captured him and returned him to jail. He was duly tried and sentenced to hang for his crime. On the appointed day a scaffold had been erected outside the jail. The fellow was lead up the steps to the scaffold, the judge read his sentence, and asked the fellow if he had anything to say. The jury was mostly Masons, and you, Judge, are a Mason. If it wasn't for the Masons I wouldn't be here.

Andrew Lodge St. Proposer: "Sorry I can't - its a secret" Prospective candidate: "Come on - I'll be joining in a few weeks.

Contemplations of an Outgoing Worshipful Master

Proposer: "Well they are the people who talk. To you and to other people in the Lodge". Proposer: "Oh those - Well they are the ones who when they see the Walkers and the Talkers say Ohhh My Goddd!!!!!

A man had been convicted of murder and was about to be hanged. Just before the sentence was executed, the hangman asked the man if he had any last words.