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The Schiit Jotunheim is named after the Norwegian mountain range Jotunheimenwhich in turn is named after the Jotunswhich are god-like giants from Norse mythology.

The name indicates power, and the Schiit Jotunheim is indeed a resourceful amplifier for its compact size. The first thing I think when reading this is that a streamer module ala the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge would be terrific.

Time will show. Thus the Jotunheim can be quite flexible in many systems. On the output side there are balanced and unbalanced preamp outputs, and balanced and unbalanced headphone outputs.

schiit mjolnir 3 review

The V is almost three times the price of the Jotunheim, so I expected it to be an easy win for the Violectric. But why not start with a real challenge? The classic Denon rocks big time with the Jotunheim. Moving over to the V opens it up a bit, but not that much. All through the playlist, the V is a bit better in most ways. There is a little more space and detail, but also a bit drier sound.

The Jotunheim is no slouch with the Ananda, but in direct comparison, the V clearly gets the upper hand. The bass is a lot tighter, the soundstage is more precise and deeper. The V is a bit clearer and spacious, the Schiit a bit warmer. I prefer the V The V is more open, it is tighter, more spacious.

With the Jotunheim there is less blackness between instruments, the bass is not as textured. The midrange is fuller, which in many ways is nicer. But the V defends its price tag. Again, the Jotunheim is a nice performer, tuned a bit warmer than the V, which comes out cleaner but somewhat less enveloping. The V has tighter bass and blacker background, but there is something about the Jotunheim — it feels a bit more rounded and enveloping.

It is more open, resolved, tighter bass, better imaging. Wow — this was a surprise. Maybe it is because the warmish sound signature plays well with the HD The separation on the V is still better, but the overall presentation by the Jotunheim is very nice. I also like the treble better, it is less dry, more rounded — but it must be said I often find the HD too bright. Going back to unbalanced TRS on the Jotunheim still leaves the same impression. Very impressive Schiit.

As with the ohm HD, the Jotunheim is great with the T1.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Forums New posts Search forums. Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles. Log in Register.

schiit mjolnir 3 review

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Latest Thread Images. Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter mhamel Start date Aug 19, Tags jot.

First Prev 3 of Go to page. Post 31 of 2, Joined Feb 24, Messages 1, Reaction score Joined Feb 24, Posts 1, Likes How does the Mjolnir 2 compare to the Ragnarok? I'm just genuinely curious! Aug 22, Post 32 of 2, Joined Jul 26, Messages Reaction score Joined Jul 26, Posts Likes My MJ2 arrived yesterday. I don't have the best tubes in it at the moment, figured I'd let it burn in for a while with something I wouldn't miss too much if something went wrong and they blew up I'll reserve judgement until it's had some time to burn in and I swap in better tubes.

My Yggy also got powered off for the first time since I bought it tail end of the 1st batch and was off for an hour or so, so that needs to warm up as well.Yes, we are a headphone store, but we believe a review shouldn't be called a review if it's primary purpose is to sell a product.

We want to publish the most well-written, balanced and informative reviews in the industry and our goal is to provide you with the information you need to experience the best possible sound. Even if you end up buying from somewhere else. So, Headphones. Our reviews are sent straight from community members to an independent editor to avoid bias.

Ian Dunmore torq is our independent Managing Editor. In order to avoid potential conflict, Ian has chosen not to be compensated for his role. Ian is passionate about the headphone community and makes sure the published reviews are of exceptional quality. All reviews are sent directly to Ian and posted on Headphones. As a result, you will see negative reviews of products we sell and positive reviews of products we don't.

In addition to their impressive measurements see belowboth amplifiers feature the same high power outputs the highest in their class, by some marginwith maximum power into various impedances as follows:. Additional items, particularly for the comparison section, are called out specifically there and or in various accompanying pictures. Hearing such differences at all requires focus, attention to detail, a suitable chain and environment, as well as understanding how to listen and what to listen for.

The rear of the units feature the usual RCA inputs and pre-outs, along with toggle switches for both power and gain setting, along with the power-entry jack. Heresy offers a reference presentation with a clean, clear, crisp and fast delivery. Timbral rendering is natural, and instruments sound largely lifelike, with appropriate scale, although some, particularly wooden-bodied instruments, like the violin family, felt like they lacked a little body and their natural resonances seem a tad muted.

Trumpets, horns and brass in general exhibit appropriate bite and glare, though when really pushed their innate brassiness can take on a slightly thin and steely character. Vocals are nuanced and clear, with their overall tone reflecting the neutral character of the amp, with no apparent emphasis anywhere. Higher-voiced, edgier, female voices sometimes felt a little shrill, but never strayed into sibilance.

Distortion, even at distinctly non-obvious subconscious levels, tends to result in the brain perceiving things being louder than they actually are. A dead give-away for this in extended listening sessions is a progressive desire to lower the volume over time combined with faster onset of listening fatigue.

In fact, the opposite is the case, with my having a general tendency to be slowly tweaking the volume higher as listening continued. Micro-dynamic resolution is good, but not quite to the same level as with raw detail. Though the opposite end of the dynamic range is powerful and convincing, with big dynamic swings in music conveying appropriate scale and drama. Otherwise, the performance was transparent, with good instrumental separation, and allowed one to make out differences between sources without difficulty.

The background, here, is completely black.

Schiit Mjolnir 2 Hybrid Amplifier Review

No noise at all. Whether paired with sensitive, low-impedance, IEMs or more demanding, high-impedance, full-size cans, is in utterly stark contrast when the music starts or the piece picks up again. Stage is rather flat, and rather up-front, with little front-to-back depth and no depth-wise layering even with imaging-capable cans.

schiit mjolnir 3 review

To this point, I could be writing about several of the amplifiers that I did comparisons with as part of this review. However, the Heresy does set itself apart in one particular area, and that is with its raw grunt. Channel balance is often an issue with powerful amplifiers on the cheaper end of the spectrum. It is simply the nature of the necessarily less-expensive potentiometers that can be employed.The variable-gain RCA outputs make it possible to use the Magni 3 as an analog preamplifier, which you can connect to either a pair of powered loudspeakers or to a power amplifier.

The Magni 3 supports the standard convention—when you plug in a pair of headphones the preamplifier outputs on the back of the unit are muted. I used the Magni 3 in several different setups.

With my most sensitive in-ears I felt the noise floor was slightly lower with the Magni 3 plugged into the Audience AC device. I got to the point where I could do a switchover in seven seconds. Setting up this system with a subwoofer required using splitters from the two RCA outputs to supply the sub with a signal. Matching levels and getting that perfect volume were much easier with the Magni 3 than with the more rapidly ascending gain controls found on many headphone amps.

I also was impressed by the build-quality of the headphone output hardware. I plugged and unplugged the Magni 3 plenty of times, and its connections felt just as tight and secure by the end of the review period as they were at the outset. Sound As with power amplifier and loudspeaker pairings, the sound of earphones and headphone amplifiers is a merging of the sonic signatures of both. That said, the Magni 3 is the electronic equivalent of a Universalist Unitarian—it got along with everybody. On the other side of the coin, tethered to my most power-hungry cans, the Beyerdynamic DT ohm version and second most-power-hungry HiFiMan HE V2, the Magni 3 had enough clean gain to provide room to spare on its volume knob, even on my own live concert recordings which are about 6dB less loud than most commercial releases to allow for unfettered dynamic peaks.

But, really, you wonder, how does it sound? On some music, especially tracks with a lot of out-of-phase information, the Monoprice produced a slightly larger soundstage, but it did not have the same degree of precision in its lateral focus. The Monoprice also had a slightly warmer harmonic signature, with a bit more lower midrange energy. The Magni 3 had far better bass and sub-bass control, pitch definition, and drive, as well as a more dynamic upper midrange.

Also, the Sony was set for fixed output so its volume adjustment was out of the circuit. Once I got the volume settings matched I could switch from one amp to the other in seven seconds. But, during longer listening periods I did not feel that the Magni 3 as preamplifier was a noticeable step backwards in fidelity compared to the Mytek by itself. Both sounded exceedingly clean and inner detail was exceedingly well defined.Aggressively priced and impressively specified, it is intended to make most of the competition look, or rather sound, like they are bad value.

For most headphones you need to get a new cable or modify your existing one. The Mjolnir is a big headphone amplifier, with a full standard component width. It feels very nice and solid and all the exterior parts seems to have perfect fit and finish.

I had the amp 2,5 feet away and it never bothered me. It delivers punch when it shall, it is very detailed, yet slightly smooth sounding.

Reviews for Mjolnir

The Mjlonir has, in my opinion, a weakness when it comes to soundstage depth. It paints a very wide and open sonic picture, but when it comes to creating the illusion of placing instruments further and further away, it often falls a bit short compared to the more expensive amps I compared it with. Headphoneer Having golden ears hardwired by lossless silver to his brain using ultra-pure diamond solder, Mr. Headphoneer is in a totally unique position when it comes to critical listening.

His completely subjective judgement will ensure that readers will leave this website even more confused than they were when they arrived. Prev 1 of 3 Next. Share this: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr. Mjolnir Schiit.It's very powerful, yet exceptionally quiet in terms of background noise.

With 8W RMS per channel, it'll drive pretty much any headphone not including electrostats, of course. Though it'll drive just about anything, what I have plugged into it pretty much all the time are a variety of planar magnetic headphones. My favorite headphone to pair with the Mjolnir so far is the Audeze LCD-3, the pair of them making for a forceful, highly resolving, world-class powerhouse of a system.

Note: original review is in French. This is a machine translation of a few highlights. Great art. And as the music is not just that Max Bruch and Vivaldi, dives us in hyper synthetic sounds worked on the album Random Access Memories Daft Punk we almost rediscovered with Mjolnir amplifier headphones There is a bit for something too. In conclusion, single amplifier in the world to offer a real symmetric amplification using a proprietary schema for headphone listening, the Schiit Mjolnir won us the highest point of its outstanding sound performance, and also for the rest!

Congratulations, Schiit, and big big Qobuzissime award! Current Deals. Reviews for Mjolnir High Fidelity Magazine. Of course, this person and journal are entirely fictional. However, this is a real review from an experienced reviewer. Thank Purrin at Changstar. One of the amp's strengths, besides the dark background, was keeping up the rhythmic pace and timing.

Schiit Audio definitely put time in creating something that is capable of making someone happy for the foreseeable future. What is even better is that both guys are determined to provide the best customer service and support.This is some Schiit. Schiit Audio that is.

Long story short the company makes products at affordable prices that sound like they should cost much more. They make money by selling in volume not by selling WAY overpriced products to a handful of people.

The short explanation… Most of us listen to music through digital means like streaming services. Computers work on digital principle, binary code, 1 and 0. On and off. The music that we listen to is analog, its fluid waves. We need a device to converter the 1 and 0 back into the fluid waves that we audio.

That is where the DAC comes in. Its only purpose is to convert a digital signal into analog. PC, mobile phones, tablets all use DAC. Now the important part.


Not all DAC are created equal. Schiit Audio created the Modi 3 to fill a hole that existed. A high-quality DAC at a price most people could afford. According to Schiit audio when making its product they have to be a few things. In most cases, unless the problem is really, really simple the product is just tossed and recycled.

The Modi 3 fits right into the Schiit formula. Your amplIfier will sound its best with a clean signal and output its best with a strong signal. The Modi 3 does exactly that.

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