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Forgot your password? Weapons, especially Wands early on, can be significant upgrades for a Mage, magnified if you play Arcane for Wand Specialization. You will still gain a large benefit from them if you play any of the other specs we cover, Frost AoEFrost Single Target or Fire, regardless. For the other weapon types, you will mostly be looking for stats, as you are unlikely to be hitting things in melee with them after your first few levels.

Luckily, weapons tend to have higher stats than most pieces of gear, making them important slots to keep upgraded, while leveling and also in the end game. Mage s start their journey through Azeroth knowing how to use Staves and Wands. They can also learn Daggers and one-handed Swords from Weapon Masters around the world.

Being able to use Staves from the start will be quite useful, as it means your melee damage will be higher than that of most classes, allowing you to finish off enemies that you previously weakened with your spells easily, conserving Mana in the process.

Once you get your first Wand, start using it to finish off enemies, instead. Because you will not be using your weapon to melee hit once you get your Wand, it will only serve you as a stat stick, which makes it less impactful than that of physical damage dealing classes that rely on their auto-attacks for most of their damage.

You can still expect to upgrade your weapon a few times during your journey, and your weapon will typically represent your main source of spell damage and other important stats. Remember that no matter how good a weapon is at a given level, it will quickly be outclassed by common weapons of higher level, so don't bother chasing the perfect low level weapon unless you are making a twink character or enjoy doing so for the sake of it.

There are many weapons you could use during your journey in Azeroth. Because listing all of them would be confusing, we will focus on the most notable ones, for their power and ease of obtaining. Some notable weapons of each type you might want to be looking out for along the way are listed below. Wands are very important for Mages who are leveling, before level 35 or so, at which point their damage starts to fall off greatly compared to your spells.

Staves are powerful two-handed weapons which you can use from your character's creation. This allows them to contribute from the get go towards you finishing melee hits. Later on, they have some of the best caster stats you can find on weapons, and do not require a compatible off-hand to be used, making them easy to use options.

While good Mage daggers are relatively rare, there are a few notable ones, such as Hypnotic BladeWitchblade and Claw of Chromaggus.

While there are not many Swords Mages can use, as they mostly have physical damage stats, there are a few great Mage Swords, such as Azuresong Mageblade. Off-hands are not, technically, weapons, but they occupy a weapon slot, so we will be listing them anyway!

There are quite a few off-hands in the game, and many sport high amounts of Spell Damage, such as Spirit of Aquementas and Tome of the Ice Lordwhich is great for Mages! You will want to search for of the eagle weapons while leveling, with spirit gear also being welcomed, as a swap-to whenever you leave combat, preferably. Eagle weapons have Intellect and Stamina, which are the most important stats while leveling because they allow you to stay in the fight longer, and you can always eat and drink to full between fights, if needed.

Your wand, as a Mageis the most impactful piece of your gear while leveling until around level 35, as you will often be using it to finish low-health enemies off, saving Mana in the process.

WoW Classic Best Hunter Weapons Guide

As such, looking for wand upgrades is the main thing to look out for, gear-wise, in this bracket. Mages have some end-game weapons at their disposal.

The best ones come from raiding, but there are also good options in dungeons and the occasional quest reward. While Rank 14 weapons High Warlord's Spellblade are among the best currently in game for Mages, as they are for most classes, there are also a few notable reputation rewards you can chase.

You can find a complete weapon and armor list for Mage s at itemization. This guide has been written by Seksimember of two top 60 guilds, Group Therapy shaman and Wiping as Intended priest.

While you can routinely find him participating in discussions across all healer discords, he is particularly active on Ancestral GuidanceEarthshrine and Focused Will.

Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Sign in anonymously. Sign in with Facebook.Forgot your password? Weapons are your primary piece of gear to upgrade, meaning you want to focus on upgrading your weapon as frequently as possible. Your weapon as a Rogue also will determine the attacks you will be able to do.

This also means that the weapon will heavily influence what talents you will be taking. This means it is the slot of gear that is the most important to keep upgrading as you level.

Rogue s start their journey through Azeroth knowing how to use Daggers and Thrown Weapons. Daggers are what you will start off with when you first make your Rogue. Daggers are required for certain abilities as a Rogue such as Ambush and using Daggers is a very strong choice if you choose to PvP while you level.

Swords are one of the most popular choices for leveling since you will get the talent Sword Specialization later into your leveling tree. Swords are especially strong if you are a Human Rogue since you have the racial Sword Specialization which is a significant DPS increase when using Swords. There are many Maces that can be upgrades for you while leveling so it is recommended that you train Maces so you will be able to equip one if it is an upgrade.

You will start with the ability to use Thrown Weapons and Thrown Weapons. This is a great way to initiate combat without pulling multiple enemies so make sure that you always have Thrown Weapons available if you are not using Bows or Crossbows. Bows are a great upgrade over Thrown Weapons since they also can provide you with stats even if you aren't using the bow to attack.

This is also a great way to initiate combat without body pulling multiple targets.

wow classic daggers

Crossbows are also a great upgrade over Thrown Weapons since they also like the bows can provide stats. Crossbows are some of the best end game gear but it is recommended that you train both Crossbows and Bows and just use the best one available while leveling.

Guns are the third alternative to Thrown Weapons that can also offer stats. Make sure to train all 3 Bows, Crossbows, and Guns so you can equip any upgrades that you get. While Rank 14 weapons Grand Marshal's Longsword are among the best currently in game for Rogues, they are very difficult to obtain. Here are some other notable PvP weapons that you can get on your way to Rank For more information about end-game gearing for Rogues in general, please refer to our gearing guide. This guide has been written by Abyssalwavea top level Death Knight player.

He is a former US 2 hardcore raider who currently raids with didnt ask. You can also check out his YouTube channel. Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers.They can teach your characters to use different kinds of weapons. Since every class starts with the ability to use only a few types of weapons, their services are extremely useful. If you want to hunt them down yourself with some hints, keep in mind they are all in major cities. When you talk to one weapon master, you can ask them about the others and what they can teach.

In Orgrimmarthere are two weapon trainers. If you need someone to teach you staves, bows, axes or thrown weapons, talk to Hanashi the troll. The orc next to him, Sayoc, is proficient in bows, daggers, fist weapons, thrown weapons and axes.

His name is Archibald, and you can find him in the inner ring of the War Quarter. He can train you in crossbow, dagger, sword and polearm use. There are two masters in Ironforgea dwarf and a gnome. Bixi will teach you crossbows, thrown weapons and daggers. Buliwyf, on the other hand, can coach you in fist weapons, guns, as well as axes and maces. The final weapon trainer is called Woo Ping. They can help you with crossbows, daggers, polearms, staves and swords.

Your email address will not be published. Article Continues Below. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Forgot your password? A WoW Classic Warrior is defined by its weapons, as almost all of your damage, including most of your abilities, scale with your weapon's damage.

You will also typically want slow weapons in order to hit harder with Rage-spending abilities, when you are Arms or Fury specced. For Protection Warriors, faster weapons can be better for quicker Rage generation and dumping with Heroic Strike. We will present many of the best options the game has to offer for each type of weapon below.

Depending on their race, Warrior s will start with a one-handed Sword, Axe or Mace. They will know how to use some of weapons skills from the start, but require training in the missing one.

Classic blacksmithing plans

Also, they know Daggers and Unarmed from the start. Every other weapon skill has to be learned from the various weapon masters below. Most of the weapon skills listed above can be bought at early as Level 10, with Polearms being trained at Level Remember that no matter how good a weapon is at a given level, it will quickly be outclassed by common weapons of higher level, so be wary of wasting a lot of time chasing for the perfect low level weapon, unless you are making a twink character or enjoy the weapon hunt!

As a Warrioryou can use every single type of non-wand weapon in WoW Classic. Each type of weapon has its unique perks and downsides, which we will talk about below. This extra skill can help a ton against high level enemies because it improves your ability to hit them, as explained in our DPS Warrior Stats Page.

Staves are quite similar to Maces, but unlike those they do not have an Arms talent specialization at all. All of them are two-handed weapons, and more often than not they have caster oriented stats. This being said, there are a few notable staves that you should look for in your way to 60, such as Crescent Staff and Resurgence Rod.

Polearms are also two-handed only weapons, and Polearm Specialization is quite good. Unfortunately there aren't many weapons of this kind in the game, and there are no races with Polearm bonuses, which makes them a niche weapon type for Warrior s.

Daggers are often neglected by DPS Warriors due to their very fast attack speeds, but it is this same trait that makes them some of the best tanking weapons around. Tanking Warriors benefit more from faster weapons than slow ones because these provide steadier Rage generation, and more ability to quickly dump extra Rage with Heroic Strike when needed.

While there are a few fist weapons Warrior s can use in WoW Classic, they are few and far between. If you get a good one, such as Vilerend Slicer feel free to use it! Warrior can use ranged weapons, but they are little more than stat sticks for them, with the added benefit of allowing pulling from a distance. Crossbows, in particular Blackcrowmake for some of the best pre-raid ranged weapons for Warriors in the game, as they tend to have very useful stats.

Bows also tend to be great ranged weapons for Warriors, especially while leveling as green Bows with useful stats are often found while playing. Guns are not as common as Bows, but often bring similar stats to the table. Keep in mind that while Crossbows and Bows use arrows as ammunition, you will need bullets for Guns.

Thrown Weapons are special weapons in that they do not give you any stats, and are consumed when used. You can still use them to pull enemies from a distance, but you will generally be using ranged weapons that grant you extra stats, instead. While not technically a weapon, Shields will still be taking a weapon slot, and improve your defensive capabilities a lot by increasing your armor, while also often carrying other useful stats.

You should always have a Shield available in your inventory for tanking and other situations that demand you to play more defensively, such as when running away from enemies you cannot defeat. Your weapon, as a Warrior, is by far the most impactful piece of your gear while leveling, and as such, looking for weapon upgrades is the main thing to be concerned by.

Dual-wielding, while viable, is not recommended even for Fury builds due to hit and glancing blow limitations that will lower your damage significantly while you lack max-level gear.

BIG Backstab Crits, BIG DPS - Blackwing Lair Rogue Daggers WoW Classic

If you still want to go for it, consider using the talent Unbridled Wrath instead of Booming Voicefor extra Rage generation, and use the highest damage one handers you can get. Finally, for tanking, it is important that you use your highest DPS one-hander, in order to get better Rage and threat generation faster weapons are slightly better, as well.Forgot your password?

Paladins benefit heavily from weapon upgrades, especially as Retribution. Weapon upgrades are the most important upgrades to get while leveling, meaning it is extremely important to know where your next weapon is coming from.

Paladin s know how to use their starting melee weapons when created, but they can also learn how to use many other weapon types from Weapon Masters around the world.

Like most melee classes, Paladins benefit heavily from weapon upgrades. Higher level weapons will almost always be better since weapon damage is the most important stat to look at, meaning even higher level common weapons will sometimes be upgrades over what you are currently using.

Paladins can use swords, and especially as Human swords will be a preferred weapon to use due to your Sword Specialization racial. Besides the racial, most weapons come down to the weapon itself for the stats and weapon damage. Paladins can use axes, but most weapons come down to the weapon itself for the stats and weapon damage. Paladins can use maces, and especially as Human maces will be a preferred weapon to use due to your Mace Specialization racial. Paladins can use shields, but they are used either as Holy for stats or as Protection to tank.

It is always worth keeping a 1H and shield on your just in case you ever need to tank. Paladins can use polearms, but most weapons come down to the weapon itself for the stats and weapon damage. As stated above, look for 2H weapons that have high weapon damage. The best way to get weapon upgrades while leveling is to check the Auction House to buy weapons there. Paladins can spend extra gold since they do not need to save for a mount at level 40, meaning you can throw more gold at weapon upgrades.

Paladins will use a few different end game weapons depending on spec. Ret Paladins will want high damage, slow 2H weapons. However, they are without question the hardest items in the game to obtain, requiring months of dedicated play to be able to acquire them. Very few people will every be able to earn these weapons, so do not focus too much on them as they are out of reach for the vast majority of players. Below are some of the best alternatives. You can check the complete list for each type of Paladin weapon at itemization.

For more end-game gearing information, please refer to our gearing guide for Paladins. In addition to live WoW, he has also been a classic theorycrafter and enthusiast for many years. You can watch him stream on Twitchor follow him on Twitter. Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Sign in anonymously.

Sign in with Facebook. WoW Classic. Diablo III. Diablo IV.In preparation for the possible expansion of Classic into The Burning Crusade, I've restored an archive of my entire site warts and all as it was at the end of TBC. It's been a long, busy year. I've put countless hours into restoring and improving my site in preparation for Classic.

The past few months have been especially busy as I've thoroughly tested my Quest Completionist Guide through level 40 in the closed Beta. Unfortunately, I've proven that you cannot achieve Exalted with any faction by level However my guide will get you most of the way there, minimizing the number of turn-ins required to finish up.

Listed below are all of the projects and site improvements I've worked on over the last year:. I hope you've found this information to be useful and that it helps your own Rogue's journey through Classic.

Happy Classic Day! Over the past six months since updating my site for Classic, I've put a lot of thought into how I would want to level a Rogue if I were to play again. I've decided that a quest completionist strategy would be my preference, and specifically maximizing Darnassus reputation to reach Exalted for the Nightsaber mounts obviously. So then the question is, how best to reach Exalted if playing a race other than Night Elf? Many would say to just complete all Darnassus reputation quests and you should eventually reach Exalted.

But what if a player really wanted a Frostsaber as soon as they could ride a mount? Would it be possible to achieve Exalted by level 40?

wow classic daggers

Not all private servers use spillover rep, but that capability was verified to be active on the Classic Demo released last year. I believe that getting maximum spillover rep, while completing all city faction quests before they turn gray, is the key to getting the most possible reputation.

WoW Classic Mage Weapons Guide

With that goal in mind, I set out to design a leveling guide that could remedy several pain points I had identified with the Classic leveling process:. If you're interested in experiencing every single quest while dabbling in various professions along the way, then my Classic Questing Guide for Alliance Rogues is the guide for you currently complete for levels and up through The Deadmines.

Six years ago, I stepped away from ShadowPanther. For many players, this game was a time-consuming diversion, but for me it had become a second job. I simply couldn't keep up with the frenzied pace of changes from expansion to expansion and still have enough time to actually play the game.

When it stopped being fun, I simply wasn't motivated to continue with my site or the game. And for me, the two were inexorably linked. I couldn't enjoy one without the other, so I felt like I had to give up both. Since then, the game has passed me by and I've had no desire to return.

However, players continued contacting me through my site, and the question I would get most frequently was - where could they find archives of my charts? It seems that many players had migrated to private servers to relive previous versions of WoW. Unfortunately, the charts and resources on my site had evolved many times over the eight years I'd played and weren't terribly useful for anyone playing a Rogue on a much earlier version of the game.

So, I usually just pointed them to the WayBack Machine archives of my site in the hopes that it would meet their needs. I didn't know what he was talking about and frankly had little interest in finding out at the time, since I was pretty adamant about staying away from the game.

So I never looked into it and almost another year passed by. Then, about a month ago, I received an email from M.Lasts 20 sec. A strike that becomes active after parrying an opponent's attack. In addition, attacks strike an additional nearby opponent.

wow classic daggers

Lasts 15 sec. Reduces the chance enemies have to detect you while in Stealth mode. More effective than Master of Deception Rank 1. More effective than Master of Deception Rank 2. More effective than Master of Deception Rank 3. More effective than Master of Deception Rank 4.

Awards 1 combo point. The amount of Armor reduced increases with your level. More effective than Heightened Senses Rank 1. When activated, this ability immediately finishes the cooldown on your other Rogue abilities. Reduces the Energy cost of your Cheap Shot and Garrote abilities by An instant strike that damages the opponent and causes the target to hemorrhage, increasing any Physical damage dealt to the target by up to 3.

Lasts 30 charges or 15 sec.

wow classic daggers

When used, adds 2 combo points to your target. You must add to or use those combo points within 10 sec or the combo points are lost. Create a free account in 1 minute and benefit from the following advantages:. Back to the list. Increases your maximum Energy by Increases the effect duration of your Gouge ability by 0.

Next level: Increases the effect duration of your Gouge ability by 1 sec. Increases the effect duration of your Gouge ability by 1 sec. Next level: Increases the effect duration of your Gouge ability by 1.